Wie Sie Ihren Gemüsegarten in Schwung bringen können

In colder climates, winter can be endless – but you do not have to wait for warm weather to prepare for summer vegetables. Here’s how to get your kitchen garden going, regardless of the weather forecast.

1) Start a screw compost tank.
Feeding a Worm Compost is now offering you plenty of nutrient-rich fertilizer when it’s time to plant your garden. Cooler temperatures can cause less decomposition, but you can still use an interior composter to get a jump start.

2) Start with the seeds inside.
If the last frost expected in your area is late in the year, you may not be able to produce vegetables before midsummer heat. Avoid this hurdle by starting the seed indoors and putting it in the garden when the weather warms up.

3) Trim your trees.
Your vegetable garden thrives in full sun, so get a jump start.


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